Create Flip Books Without Limit

AnyFlip offers a solution for anyone to create digital page flip publications with ease. You can use this free digital publishing software to publish free HTML5 flipbooks, page flipping online magazines and online catalogs from plain PDF files even though you know nothing about coding or script. You just need to sign up an account and then you able to make your own flipbook publications for free. In addition, AnyFlip provides you with the free Cloud Platform that allows you to publish the flipbooks online for free, though there is a limit of 500 uploads per month.

However, if you upgrade your account to premium versions, you can upload more publications to AnyFlip Cloud Platform per month. And the Enterprise edition of this free digital publishing software allows you to create and publish unlimited flipbook publications. And you have to option to upload the flipbooks to AnyFlip Cloud Host or publish to your local computer in flexible formats such as HTML, EXE, CD/DVD and WordPress plug-ins.
  • iPad Air 2 Catalog

  • Hermes Magazine

  • Luxury Auto Magzine

  • ALTA Furniture Magazine

  • Queen Boat Lookbook

Publish Unlimited Flipbooks Online & Offline

Upload to AnyFlip Cloud Host

Once you create an account (free or premium), you can click the “Upload Online” button to publish the flipbook online to AnyFlip Cloud Platform for free. And the uploads of each month vary according to the account type. If you are an Enterprise user, you can publish as many flipbooks as you want.

Publish to Local

Premium users of AnyFlip are able to publish the flipbook to their local computers. And Platinum and Enterprise users are allowed to publish unlimited local editions, while Pro users have a limit of only 5 outputs per month. You can output the publication in flexible formats according to your need: HTML, ZIP, EXE, App (for Mac), WordPress plug-in, Joomla module, Drupal module, etc.

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