Bring your PDF document to Live

Multiple Languages Free

If English is not your mother language, how can I use the desktop client well? Don't be worried about it, we have 17 languages versions for you, such as French, German, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish. The flipbook interface supports multiple languages which are switchable while reading!

Interface Language Localization Free

Customize navigation and toolbar language into mother tongue of your target audiences, or choose multiple languages so readers can switch within easily. Bring down the communication barriers and make them feel at home.

Auto Flip Free

Instead of turning pages manually, you can enable the Auto Flip feature to make the publication flip automatically. Audiences can read the flipbook even with their mouse or keyboard away.

Custom Background Free

Impress your readers with gorgeous background. Just get your background image ready and make it fit the size as well as the book style. Your publication is bound to rock! Any also allows you to set and customize the skins (or in other words the themes) of your publications. It is now possible not only to change the skin color or corner radius, but also to set up the look (appearance) of the text fields and the bottom menu. As a result, you will be able to create original and stylish publications which would match with your website's design perfectly.

Slide Mode Free

Digital readers get used to swipe and tap on their mobile screens. And providing your readers with the ability to slide the publication will really engage them.

Table of Contents Pro

It is easy to craft Table of Contents for your flip book publication. While presenting the general structure of your book, Table of Contents can help readers navigate through the book with ease. The Table of Contents of your publication can be automatically imported from a PDF document or created manually in the AnyFlip.

Import Multiple PDF Free

If importing one PDF to AnyFlip is not enough, how about importing multiple PDF file at a time? The feature of importing multiple PDF files per time is now available on AnyFlip.

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