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Why AnyFlip?

Using brochure digital editions instead of printed material to promote products is a common phenomenon among commercial activities, especially for online marketing in the modern world. Digital brochure can bring a lot of benefits for you to attract wider customers online. First, digital brochure enables you to really set yourself apart from your competitors, offering your customers a far more engaging experience. For marketers, it serves as a very cost-saving measure for you to analyze readers' behavior and boost revenues.

The free online brochure maker – Anyflip here is exactly the tool that can help create a perfect digital brochure to provide your customers with an interactive digital experience. Unlike other similar converter, the flip-like brochures directly created by Anyflip online are HTML5 compliant. This means that it can be viewed on any web browser using any device including Android and iOS tablets and phones. In addition, the flipping brochure created online by Anyflip is search engines optimization friendly, making customers to easily find your online brochures using keywords. Anyflip also offers the integration with Google Analytics so that you can easily track your customers' visit behavior in time.

Needless to say, the page-effect digital brochures created by Anyflip free online brochure maker are priceless for your marketing and sales effort, which will powerfully makes your digital customer brochures pop.
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  • ALTA Furniture Magazine

  • Queen Boat Lookbook

Great Features of Free Online Brochure Maker – AnyFlip

1. HTML5 Compliant – View Anywhere Anytime

The Anyflip online brochure converter not only enables you to directly create page flipping brochures from PDF files online, but also allows publishing them to be HTML5 compliant. This means that the flip-like brochures created by Anyflip can be viewed on any web browser using any device including Android and iOS tablets and phones.

2. SEO Friendly – Make Brochure Searchable

This is a fantastic feature for you, for the flipping brochure created by Anyflip is SEO-friendly. Anyflip allows you to exit the text version of your flipping brochure online. It helps your brochures get optimized for search engines. In this way, brochures become searchable and customers will be able to find your online brochures using keywords.

3. Google Analytics – Track the Traffic of Brochure

The Google Analytics Function of Anyflip help you know the marketing effectiveness of the created digital brochure. Compared with ordinary one, the brochure with page flipping effect appears more attractive, so it can bring more traffic to your site. The Google Analytics of flipping brochure will offer a detailed traffic report for you to check the result.

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