View Digital Magazine Made by AnyFlip on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular, offering anyone immediate access to the internet anywhere, anytime. Hence when publish a digital magazine online; digital flipping magazine publishers should pay high attention to the audiences who love to carry mobile devices like iPad, iPhone or Android tablets. That is to say, publishers should attach importance to find a tool that can let page turning magazine be viewed on any devices.

There are great benefits and functionality to enable audiences to view digital magazines on mobile devices. However, how can the digital magazine publisher make it happen in order to reach more audiences? They may keep up with the emerging professional page turning magazine tools, like Anyflip. Anyflip is totally tablets and mobile devices ready, which ensure digital magazines being available online and over mobile platforms. It allows magazines being available in multiple formats, such as Flash and HTML5. The touch support feature offers audiences a best smooth viewing experience across all devices. In a word, to take advantage of the free online magazine software Anyflip to help view digital magazine on mobile devices, you will win as broad audiences as possible.
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Outstanding Any-Devices-Friendly Feature of Anyflip

Tablets & Mobile Devices Ready

Anyflip free html5 magazine software let you easily create digital magazine without having any skill of web design. Furthermore, you could easily convert, view and share the published output magazines on all kinds of tablets, Apple and Android mobile devices.

Touch Support

Touch support feature offers a smooth mobile reading experience to engage audiences on iPads, iPhones and Androids. Anyflip provides the audiences with an impressive digital page turning magazine reading experience anywhere, anytime.

Flash & HTML5 Support

No doubt, the built-in support of Flash &HTML5 means that your digital magazines are easily readable on almost any modern device, leading you to reach a wider audience. The output editions of the magazines can be easily published in Flash for PC and Mac, and HTML5 for mobile and tablet.

Multiple Publishing Selections

To publish digital magazines in multiple formats can greatly help reach wider audiences. You can publish it to HTML, SWF, EXE, APP, and ZIP to meet audiences’ different needs. All the output formats are easy to receive once you begin creating page magazine with Anyflip.

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