About AnyFlip Interface Language Localization

As everyone knows, the online business is international. However, the language all over the world is too numerous to count. Although English is acknowledged as the international language, every one prefers to read with their mother language. So, how can the publishers deliver the flipbook which can be easily accepted by the target audience?

There is a simple way for you to set different interface languages of the same book. The free page flip software AnyFlip allows you to customize navigation and toolbar language of page flip book. Also, it is a great idea to choose multiple languages so readers can switch within easily. In this way, your international page flip book can achieve better communication with your target audiences.
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  • Hermes Magazine

  • Luxury Auto Magzine

  • ALTA Furniture Magazine

  • Queen Boat Lookbook

Steps for Interface Language Settings

Step 1. Import PDF and select your template

AnyFlip is the free pdf to flash page flip book maker. It pays more attention to the personal settings. But first of all, you have to import your original PDF. Then you can modify your flip book with the pre-design templates.

Step 2. Choose interface language

There are 16 languages in AnyFlip for you to choose. Among the 16 languages, you can set the default language. Besides, you can add a new language to display your page flip book. Meanwhile, you can delete the selected language. To switch the language flexibly, yo have to choose several languages as the options for readers.

Step 3. Make your language switchable

In this step, just with one click, you can make your page flip book interface language switchable. Then the flip book can be read freely with different interface language.

Step 4. Save and preview

Click Apply Change, then you can switch the interface language to your mother tongue easily.

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