Use of Google Adsense with Anyflip

To become a successful online marketer, you should be familiar with Google Adsense. It is an ideal program run by Google to display attractive and content-relevant advertisement in your website. Those automatic text, image, video or interactive media advertisements are well administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. If you are short of opportunities and channels to display ads programs or launch ad campaigns, the revenue creating program Google Adsense should bring a new business chance for you.

Anyflip is a professional online flipbook maker, and it can help create a marvelous digital publication which enables the implementation of Google Adsense to display ads on your website. Anyflip integrates Google Adsense to monetize your digital publication content and generate revenue greatly. You can also customize the settings and background of the digital publication, making it unique and attractive. Most importantly you should input your Google Adsense ID which is the crucial step to open a door to boost sales and increase the online revenue.
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  • Hermes Magazine

  • Luxury Auto Magzine

  • ALTA Furniture Magazine

  • Queen Boat Lookbook

Basic Procedures of Anyflip to Integrate Google Adsense

Step 1: Easy Conversion of PDF to Digital Publication

Before you integrate the Google Adsense, you should create a digital publication first. There are two main ways for you to convert a PDF into digital publication. The first one is to download the Anyflip software, whose download is free. Click Import File and then define the import ranges, advanced settings and more. The second is to manipulate the conversion directly on Anyflip website. When finishing the conversion, you can define the book information, templates and advanced settings.

Step 3: Publish Created Content

Anyflip allows you to publish created publication to local or upload online. You can publish the created content to local computer and upload to your server, or upload it directly by clicking Upload Online icon.

Step 2: Input Google Adsense ID

When you finish designing your flipbook, you can go to the Design Setting tab to search the Google Adsense. Input the Google Adsense ID and define proportions and position. Lastly, do not forget to click Apply Change icon to save your settings. Then you can preview the Google Adsense in your digital publication.

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