About AnyFlip Branding Feature

Why branding logo for flipbook? Branding is the process of turning your business and service into a common name. It can help you to establish a unique presence which would make your stand out from your competitors. Besides, with the spread of your branded flipbook, your business will earn the well-deserved reputation. Therefore, your business needs the brand recognition to support its competitive edge.

However, is it difficult to brand logo for flipbook? With AnyFlip, everything will be easy. AnyFlip is the free flipbook creator that allows you to create flash flipbook. At the same time, it is easy to brand a logo for your flipbook with AnyFlip. Your logo image on the flipbook can help more readers know your company or website. And the logo URL leads your flipbooks readers to your website. It is convenient for the visitors to know more about your business. Moreover, you can seize every opportunity to improve brand awareness. For example, you can set up your book loading logo to impress your readers while loading the digital flipbook.
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  • Hermes Magazine

  • Luxury Auto Magzine

  • ALTA Furniture Magazine

  • Queen Boat Lookbook

How to Brand Logo for Flipbook

Step 1. Log in and import PDF

AnyFlip is the free pdf to flipbook maker that allows you to create excellent flipbook in minutes. Log in and then import your PDF, you are making preparation for the next step.

Step 2. Insert book logo

AnyFlip takes your brand awareness into consideration. Just with several clicks showing below, you can add your logo image. If you have your own website, you can add URL to the logo image. Then it is convenient for the readers to learn more if they are interested on your content.

Step 3. Customize loading logo

Except inserting book logo to improve brand awareness, the loading logo is also an effective way. AnyFlip allows you to customize the loading setting. That is to say, you can add the unique logo as the preloading pictures.Click Design Setting, and search Preloader, then you can cuatomize your loading logo. In this way, your readers can easily view your logo when they open the flipbook.

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