AnyFlip Simplies Your Job

Have you ever in trouble that you have a series of pdfs waiting for converting to flipbooks? In such a hurry you have no time to convert one by one. What would you do? Give up the conversion? Work hard to do the job? Why not find another more effective way to handle your files? You have to believe there is always a way out.

AnyFlip is the nice choice to help you out of the trouble. As is known to all, AnyFlip is the free pdf to flipbook software that is of great help to publishers. But do you know that it can batch convert pdf to flipbook? As the flip book creator, it always makes the publishers satisfied. AnyFlip allows publishers to easily convert multiple pdf files with several clicks. Then the complicated batch conversion will be automatically done by AnyFlip.
  • iPad Air 2 Catalog

  • Hermes Magazine

  • Luxury Auto Magzine

  • ALTA Furniture Magazine

  • Queen Boat Lookbook

Simple Steps for Batch Conversion

Step 1. Launch AnyFlip

AnyFlip is the free digital publishing software that allows you to create digital html5 flipbooks. But first of all, you have to launch AnyFlip for the following flipbook design. And when you want to browse your PDF flies, just left click to find the options of Import Multi-PDF files as I show below.

Step 2. Add multiple PDF documents

In this process, you can freely add PDF files for batch conversion. It is without number limitation. Therefore, you can finish your tasks in an effective way.

Step 3. Batch conversion

When you add all you PDF files, AnyFlip will automatically merge multiple PDF files into one PDF document. Then you can import it into AnyFlip to customize you're the flipbook. It will help you save your time and improve your working efficiency.

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