Why AnyFlip?

What an exciting adventure making your own flipbook flip pages automatically can be! While you enjoy your stunning flipbook, you can also have a cup of your favorite coffee, how wonderful it would be! If you have never tried, just go and convert your pdf to flipbook at ease. Then you can set your flipbook auto flip. It is actually rather simple and straightforward.

AnyFlip is the free digital publishing software that helps you to create page turning flipbook. Instead of the static presentation of pdf, AnyFlip provides you the unique design of your flipbook. It is bound to satisfy your readers with the beautiful bookish interface. Not only you can make flipbook turn pages automatically at any time you like, but also you can easily share your flipbook to social networks. It is indeed very thoughtful service AnyFlip provides.
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  • Hermes Magazine

  • Luxury Auto Magzine

  • ALTA Furniture Magazine

  • Queen Boat Lookbook

Steps for Auto Flip Settings

Step 1. Convert PDF to flipbook

AnyFlip is the free flipbook creator that converts pdf to flipbook in minutes. While you import your PDF file, you can also decide your pdf settings to import. For example, you can decide the page range to import. When all details are done, AnyFlip will automatically transform your pdf to flipbook.

Step 2. Design auto flip settings

To make your flipbook turn page automatically, you can set AutoFlip icon enable. When you enter the designing interface, it is easy to find auto flip setting in Design Setting. First of all, enable Auto Flip. Then the flip interval and play count are up to you. Besides, you can also set auto flip when start up.

Step 3. Preview and publish

After all above settings, remember to apply change. Then you can have a preview and make sure your settings take into effect. To let more people enjoy your flipbook, publishing is the best way. Then your audience can read books without their mouse and keyboard at ease.

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