About AnyFlip cloud platform

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online storage service offered by Amazon Web Services. It offers a highly durable, scalable and secure solution for backing up and archiving your data. Therefore, AnyFlip cloud platform uses Amazon S3 service to store all your flip book data and personal info. In other words, everything in your account is in safe.

Furthermore, as AnyFlip online services powered by Amazon S3, it is convenient to publish and manage flip book online. Without the FTP server, you can deliver your flip book online. Then the flipbook online management is up to you. Besides, it is easy for users to share and embed the digital flip books on other websites. You can share your unique flip books with friends through social networks. When it come to embedding, this platform provides the embed code for your every flip book.
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AnyFlip cloud platform with Amazon S3 service

Safely store with Amazon S3

All your flipbook data is stored by Amazon S3. With its data protection features, you can protect your data from logical and physical failures. Besides, it is useful to prevent data loss from all possible factors. Therefore, it is no need to worry your flip book data in that it is safely stored on AnyFlip cloud platform.

Simply control your flipbook

After uploading your flip books to the cloud platform, you enjoy the power to restrict access to your flip books. You can keep you flip books private to authorized users or keep private on AnyFlip Cloud. If you think your stunning flipbooks should be shared, just keep it public on the web.

Embed without difficulty

If you want to embed the stunning flip book to other website, AnyFlip supports you with the embed code of your flip book. At the same time, the size of your flip book is on your control.Just as the following picture shows

Share easily on social network

Your flip books are stored safely in AnyFlip cloud platform. However, it makes no difference to your sharing. On the contrary, it is convenient to share on the social network. Just click the share icon, you can choose to share on which social media you like best.

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