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Create Animated Sites with Anyflip Flipbook WordPress Plugin

Bloggers and website designers are very eager to find a way to easily create more animated sites and contents. As powerful PDF to Flipbook WordPress Software, Anyflip is the easiest way to help create animated flipping book saved as a plugin for WordPress Site. It meets greatly the need of bloggers, website designers and online business owners as well. The Anyflip flipbook animation plugin uses both Flash and jQuery technologies, and it is iOs compliant.

A Page Flip Book Anyflip plugin allows you to configure these animations through your WordPress administration in order to experience the page-like flipping book effect that everyone wants. It is very useful for you to make a photo album, show your specials products and doing online retails. You can transform standard PDF docs into elegant animations. Making full use of HTML5 digital publishing technology, Anyflip make sure the plugin works well on a range of devices including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Additionally, google analytics has also been integrated to the plugin. The plugin will defenitly help increase subscriptions and purchases.
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Superb Features of Flipbook WordPress Software - Anyflip

1. WordPress & Joomla Integration

The built-in Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal plugins of Anyflip make it easy to get your flipbook run in your websites. Anyflip offers a simple option for you to save your created flipbook as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal plugin to insert in the websites. The website will be made with more animated contents and it increases site traffic.

2. HTML5 Mobile Viewer

AnyFlip makes your content look like a real book using the advantages of HTML5 technology. The Anyflip mobile viewer enables everyone to get access to your flipbook with animated rich media content on all mobiles devices, and it offers readers a stunning reading experience.

3. Google Analytics Integration

With the integrated google analytics of Anyflip, you can easily track all readers’ behavior and information of your HTML5 page flipping book, including number of vistors, visits and page views, time spent on publication, time spent on page, links clicked, audios played, videos played, keywords searched and so on.

4. Subscription Management

Anyflip offers you multiple ways to create and enhance your digital publications revenue stream on site. You’re allowed to import, manage your flipbook subscriptions, and distribute your content with Anyflip digital flipbook subscriptions management function. And you can utilize the power of our AnyFlip subscription solution on the cloud.

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