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Published by spencerwhitney, 2021-05-13 10:48:15

Untitled presentation (1)

Untitled presentation (1)

The time where I dropped my
McDonalds French Fries.


When I was in the McDonald’s I was having a big mac, a coke and a french fries. When I had finally finished my
coke and my big mac, I was eating my fries. When I was eating my fries I was finally on the last one, but when I
was about to eat it then I dropped it… I thought of the 5 second rule but I was too late, I didn’t get the fry. I thought
it was ok and it wasn’t my final one but It was, I was so shocked that I dropped it because it was a gold bar that
glowed in the sun. I thought everything was going to be fine and I would just pick it up and eat it, but then
someone stepped on it.


When I finally realized that it had been stepped on I was furious, I was flipping
over tables and I was screaming at people and especially the person that stepped
on my french fry.


After I finally calmed down I was willing to do anything for another french fry, I
would pay a penny, clean someone’s car, anything...


When nobody would accept my offers I thought of how I could have a great
moment with that french fry and never got a chance to eat it.


I finally accepted the fact that I will never have that french fry again. I accept that I
might not be able to get that french fry but I can always buy another serving at the
restaurant the next day.

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