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Create Online Flipbook with Anyflip Flipping Book Publisher

FlipBook Maker Anyflip is designed to enhance the creation as well as user experience of digital publications with a life-like 3D page flip effect. Without any difficult technology required, you’re able to create a unique flipping book using Anyflip. Although the process is simple, the result you gain can be marvelous.

So how does this amazing flipping book publisher work? Take a peek at some of the best and most creative functions that Anyflip has to offer. At the beginning, Anyflip can convert your PDF document automatically after you upload them. Importing your publications into Anyflip is quite a simple process. In addition to this, Anyflip offers all sorts of templates and themes so that you can alter the look and feel of your flipbook. Moreover, the inbuilt Multilanguage support function enables you to switch different languages to fit the users from different regions.

In a word, Anyflip flipping book publisher gives you an excellent reading experience of your digital publications. It is perfect for readers to enjoy a far more professional appearance and comfortable reading experience.
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Key advantages of using Flipping Book

1. Enjoyable Realistic Page Flipping Effect

Just spending a few minutes, you can enjoy a vividly beautiful flipbook with page-like effect from a dull PDF document. Rich media can be added into any page of your flipbook with Anyflip if you like. Impressed the readers with the realistic page-flipping animation, you can completely stun them with embedded videos, sound, Flash and links to other pages or relevant websites.

2. Rapid Stunning Appearance Customization

Page flipping books created by Anyflip flipbook maker offer a well-crafted and beautiful look. Dozens of templates and themes are available for you to choose. You can shape and design your flipbook with preset background as well as various customization tools. Moreover, Anyflip provides users with the ability to custom logo, backgrounds, icons, preloader, shadow, cover, colors, buttons, navigation options and more.

3. Strong Multilanguage Support

here are different languages natively supported in both user’s interface and publications. Anyflip supports 17 languages for its interface. Besides, if you do not find your language, you are allowed to translate a publication yourself. You can also change the language to a unique style that enables you to communicate to a specific group of your readers.

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