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Extraordinary Reading Experience

At one time or another, I would find someone sipping his coffee pleasurably in a silent café while enjoying the latest publication. Now paper magazines have been faded out of their sight. Most of them prefer sliding the phone screen for latest news, which is the main fashion stream nowadays. I wonder whether you have noticed the delicate change. If you do, then why not start to turn your traditional publication into fashionable digital magazines.

AnyFlip is free eBook publishing software which can convert PDF and MS Office documents into page turning magazines. It costs you less time and energy for more amazing results. You could add animated media into any place of your publication. Dynamic texts, images, videos, audios and hyperlinks are all at your disposal. You could also use AnyFlip platform to interact with your readers actively and efficiently. For your convenience, you could design your flipbook on local platform or online website. Give AnyFlip a little patience, and you would find it lovable.
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Free eBook Publishing Software AnyFlip

1. Sound & Video Player Charm Readers

We all agree that sound and video could unconsciously take readers into a specific environment. It is a good way to involve your marketing idea into the music and videos. In the powerful Page Editor interface, you could drag and drop your ideal sound and video into your publication. Readers could find more details of your product via the video as well.

2. Use Notes & Bookmarks for Interaction

For better your interaction with audience, AnyFlip provides you with Text Note and Bookmarks features. You can show your Bookmark button and enable Annotation on your toolbar, so your readers can set a bookmark for next time reading. Readers can also add some notes on your flipbook anytime and the notes are only open to the book owner. All these active interaction make your digital content more like printed materials.

3. Share Content among Friend Circle

AnyFlip allows readers to share the published eBook to people around the whole world. Tons of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are available for readers to send their favorite publications to friends. You would find this function does a lot to advertise and popularize your online content in an amazing speed.

4. Strong Google Analytics tool

When we want to analyze the behavior of all readers, Google Analytics tool could help us. With it, we could know the number of visitors, visit track, times spent on publication, links clicked and so on. Every footstep that readers leave on the flipbook could be collected and analyzed into an easy to understand data graph.

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