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Published by Syedzuashu.08, 2021-05-13 10:41:38

Kenya homework project

KENYA Homework project

KENYA Homework

By Syed Ismail ZUHAIR

Geography of KENYA

 Kenya is a diverse country with a wide range of landscapes and climates. There are
Swamps on The east of Kenya and Broad plains and Hills Inland.

 Kenya’s climate zones are Hot and Humid along the coats, temperate along the west and
south-west, and hot and dry on the north and east.

 There is also a Great rift valley in Kenya it is called the Great rift valley because it is like
a crack in Africa like a Rift.

 The Great Rift Valley was formed by plate tectonics and movement of the earth over
millions of years. It was caused by the split in the earth’s crust.

 Some key physical features of Kenya are Tana river, Huri hills, Lake Bogoria in Kenya, Lake
Nakuru, Mount Kenya, Masai Mara Natural reserve, Chalabi desert, Lake turkana, Naboyatom
volcano, Rift valley, Taita hills, Lamu Island.

 Here is a google tour of Kenya’s physical features Please open this link before June 30 as Poly the
service used to view will be closed on that day.

Steps to view the Google tour

 To navigate through the scenes and features use this in the bottom middle.

 For the best experience turn on ambient sound in the settings symbol.
 Click the I button on the right corner for scene information.

 Click the points of interest for interesting facts or

 The images are 360o so you can look around the scene.

Fair trade with Kenyan Farmers

 Farmers on developing countries depend on rich countries to buy their products
but many wealthy companies pay very low price. Infact when you spend
1.75pounds on a cup of coffee in Britain. The Farmer who grew the cocoa may get
as little as 2p.

 The Fair trade foundation helps farmers get a fair price from companies. Produce
sold with approval of Fair trade get the Fair trade mark.

 Fair Trade can help villages and farmers because with the extra money they get
from Fair trade improved companies they can make their lives better like take
their children to school or use the money to do something good for their village.
Fair trade might just change the lives of Kenyan Farmers who work on land.

 Fair trade represents bringing Fairness to farmers and their vision is to make Fair
trade in their daily lives to be sure that all farmers get a fair price.

 I have seen the Fair Trade mark on apples in my super market and if you see the
product with this mark buy it for it will make lives better.

African sunset silhouette

 This is a silhouette I drew myself of an elephant in the African safari sunset.
I’m not a artist but I hope you like it.

Traditional Kenyan home

 Here is a model of a Kenyan home which I made myself. The right is the
actual Kenyan home and on the left is my model. You decide how much alike
they are.

Kenyans need school

Dear Government,
I hope your people are fine and you are doing well. I’m writing to inform you that

Millions of people in your continent can’t afford school. In my opinion everyone should go to schoo. If
you don’t do something now Africa (your continent) will be left behind. Do you want your people to be
uneducated? Furthermore dozens of people don’t have jobs because they weren’t educated so most are
poor. So your people are poor, uneducated, and Jobless.

Here is what you can do to save your continent. You have to help those families. Help
them for your continent and help them for their life. Help the families. Everybody does anything to help
people get their people to school. Your people need school because if no one studies then who will be a
scientist and make money for your continent. Do you want people to think your people are dumb? Help
your people in any way to be the best they can and save your continent.

I conclude that your country is failing. You can’t give your people schooling and here
are 3 reasons why, Not all children go to school in Africa because they don’t want to, Some can’t afford
books or uniform, and Some live too far away from school to walk with no other form of transport. You
can have buses transport students. Have schools for a reasonable price. Persuade your people to go to
school. If you fix these problems then your continent will be number 1. Think about the children and
please take action for your continent to move further.

Regards, Syed Ismail ZUHAIR

Kenya tourist guide

 Welcome to Kenya a place with many plains and full of fun. Have you ever
wanted to visit a place where you can see flamingos, go on a safari, see lakes
mountains and plains as far as the eye can see. Well Kenya is the perfect
place for you if you love plains because 98.07% OF Kenya is just plains. Talk
about being plain flat. If you wanted to see the beautiful Flamingos in nature
you can visit lake Bogoria and Lake Nakuru. And if you are a fan of all animals
you can visit Masai Mara National Reserve where you can take a Safari and see
animals in the Savanah and who doesn't like animals. If you are wondering
where to stay they have hotels in Kenya too or if you want to stay in an exotic
place Lamo island is a great place too. They have beautiful and wonderful
lakes and rivers to play and swim in. Kenya is great. My friend who went there
says "I have never seen Flamingoes up close don't miss out on watching these
majestic animals in nature." If you want to see the nature of Kenya come

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