As we know that page flipping book is really popular in recent years. Then we know that n wonderful page flip book can help you engage more audiences, increase website traffic by embedding, boost online and offline sales and help build your brand awareness. As it is really beneficial for your business, then you have to create a stunning and attractive flash flipbook with powerful and fully customizable flip book maker.

Using Free flip book maker AnyFlip, you are able to create digital publication such as page flipping book with your unique customization. First of all, you can create a wonderful page flip book with your own fashion style easily. Then there are numerous options for you to customize the look and feel of flash flip book.

  • iPad Air 2 Catalog

  • Hermes Magazine

  • Luxury Auto Magzine

  • ALTA Furniture Magazine

  • Queen Boat Lookbook

Fully customize the look and feel of page flip book

Template, Themes and Scenes

AnyFlip provides easy ways for users to customize the look of page flipbook quickly. For example, you can change the layout of flip book by changing templates, themes and scenes. Different templates have different layout features. And themes are for change background of flip book easily. And scenes are for making flipbook vivid with flash animation.

Design Settings

Design setting plays an important role in customize the look and feel of flash flip book with AnyFlip. With design setting section of AnyFlip, you have ability to customize logo, background settings, colors bookmarks, toolbar and footer color, font and icon and customize page number, page shadow and more wonderful look, feel and functional settings of page flip book.

Helpful Plugin

Plugin is also a useful way for delivering more information for your users with page flip book made by AnyFlip. AnyFlip offers about 10 such as about video banner, audio player, image slideshow banner and more for users to create unique flip book with ease.

Flip Page Editor

Flip page editor is another effective way to customize the content of page flip book. With page editor of AnyFlip, you can insert multimedia contents to engage your audiences. AnyFlip enables you to insert video, image, button, hotspot, swf, link, ecommerce content and more wonderful multimedia contents into flipbook to make it attractive and interesting.

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