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Inspire Interest in Reading

Sometimes, when I pass by a clothes store, my thought would immediately be taken away by a beautifully designed dress or coat. This rule also works for reading. Most of the time, the very thing to initiate your reading is just the charming appearance. And since nowadays is the Internet era, people have long turned their traditional reading into interactive digital reading. It has become much easier for users to diversify their online reading materials and you should equip yourself with a powerful tool AnyFlip.

The versatile flash flipbook maker is in charge of your image construction as well as content maintenance. Give it a try, and you will find it easy to carry out its operation. You can download it for free online. It contains abundant design objects like templates, themes and multiple media to build interactive free flash flipbook . Flexible share function can help advertise and market your online project. If you are interested in it, please follow me to witness its power.
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Power of Flash Flipbook Maker AnyFlip

1. Enrich Digital Magazine with Dynamic Media

AnyFlip accommodates itself with rich media objects and players like music, video, flash and image. It is the high to say goodbye to single and plain reading experience. Visitors can easily understand and remember your display content. You can also add link to your homepage so that visitors can know more about your company. It will not bother you too much time for a simple drag and drop will complete the insert of your media.

2. Navigate Your Content with TOC

TOC stands for table of content which helps readers get the target content quickly. If your created flipbook has a TOC, you can directly input it when you import a PDF. You can build a number of title and subtitle in TOC. And set the title, page range and URL as well. When you finish the design of TOC, click Apply Change button for use. The TOC can also be output for later use.

3. Subscribe to Wanted Flipbook

AnyFlip allows registered users to manage the subscription on AnyFlip Cloud Publishing Platform. You can follow other users’ publication when others follow your published content. Your digital flash flipbooks are all open to readers. Besides, if you enable Send me Updates via Email function, you can receive update email when a new page flip magazine is published on AnyFlip Cloud Platform.

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