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Along with the rapid development of society and technology, do reading with digital publication on electronic devices is the trend. Without a doubt, it is necessary to create a digital publication such as digital magazine, digital brochure and digital catalog for bringing new readers and sales. Before you create stunning digital magazine, you have to select a professional interactive magazine creator with high quality and reasonable price.

AnyFlip is a professional interactive magazine creator to create stunning page flip magazine from PDF file with ease. Moreover, AnyFlip provides easy way for users to create interactive magazine. For example, using page editor to insert multimedia contents then add actions above inserted contents with ease. Additionally, you are able to insert buy now tab, paypal account information into your digital magazine for directing shopping. In a word, AnyFlip is a professional digital magazine tool for users to create wonderful page flip magazine for expanding audiences and boosting sales.
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Wonderful Features of Interactive Magazine Creator – AnyFlip

1. Easy Import and Create

AnyFlip provides two magazine publishing solutions for creating digital magazine. With desktop version, you can import PDF and create page flip magazine with ease. Furthermore, you are able to insert multimedia content into page flip magazine. And then publish it offline with multiple output options. With online publishing platform, it enables you to upload PDF online and then create digital magazine online directly.

2. Create Interactive Contents

Digital contents play important role in attracting attention of readers. With AnyFlip, not only can users insert multimedia contents such as video, image, link, button, flash, ecommerce tags and more but also add action on inserted objects to make multimedia contents interactive. In addition, you can insert buy now, price tag, shopping cart and more ecommerce elements to lead users to buy directly. Anyway, it is an effective way to connect your online business and boost your sales.

3. Online and Offline Distribution

As we know that increasing the exposure of digital magazine is one of the useful methods to reach more audiences. Then AnyFlip allows users to publish page flip magazine online and offline with proper formats. After that users can distribute page flip magazine online via Email and social networking. However, your page flip magazine powered by AnyFlip can be accessed by any mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Then it will be a good way to help bring you new readers and increase sales finally.

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