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In the recent years, more and more business would like to spend more time and money on business marketing. Different than the day before, marketers have been adopting a new way to promote their business. It is the HTML5 flipbook. Unlike the traditional digital publication, HTML5 flipbookshows its superiority. Here I want to take the fashion business as an example to show you the advantages of using this kind of publication.The biggest different between digital flipbook and digital HTML 5 flipbook is the compatibility. As the flipbook contains multimedia like video and audio, HTML5 flipbook makes it play on all mobile phone without hassle. And video and audience can be played as the wonderfully original effects as played online. HTML5 flipbook opened on browser is supposed to present the visual effects to visitors. In addition, the faster networking speed is another merit.As there are tons of advantages of HTML5 flipbook, how to create a fashion flipbook becomes a question. Today,I want to share a professional HTML5 flipbook maker to all of you. What is Mobissue? As for the people who aim to promote their business with the amazing flipbook, it would not be so strange. It is a platform mainly designed for stunning HTML5 flipbook making and publishing. It is free and easy-to-use. Everyone is able to master Mobissue.
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How to make a fashion flipbook with Mobissue?

1. Get digital flipbook within minutes

In Mobissue, you can get the flipbook in minutes. There are two ways to make the flipbook. On the one hand, images to flipbook. Prepare some of the images and import them into Mobissue. Sooner or later, you will get the digital book converted automatically. Then, change the presenting mode from the default Slide to Flip. A fashion flipbook is done. On the other hand, you are allowed to import the PDF into the software. It is a quicker way to make one flipbook. Edit your texts and images with a PDF, and then just import. And follow the above steps to make it a flipbook.

2. Dynamic scenes and background music

After finishing converting into the flipbook, you can begin to decorate the flipbook with some simple but amazing effects. The first thing I want to share with you is the dynamic scenes. What’s the importance of the dynamic scenes? It can make your flipbook much more fashionable and spectacular. There are many kinds of scenes available for you, such as Cloud, Snow, Flower, and Bubble. In addition, I would talk about the background music. It is without exaggeration that a fashion flipbook cannot be successful without amazing background music. In Mobissue, you can one-click to insert a song as the background sound. An appropriate song plays the critical role in attracting much more audiences.

3. Amazing video and slideshow

As the fashion flipbook, video is indispensable. For example, you can insert a fashion show video into the book. This kind of video can help to give more information to audiences. Let them know your business and brand better. Besides, creating a slideshow to present your product in detail sounds a good choice.

The above are all my experience of making a digital fashion flipbook. Hope them be helpful to you. If you still confused with some details of Mobissue, you can visit its homepage for further understanding.

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