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Every brand has its own stories. Unlike the solid statistics or mass data, story can inspire the audience and bring out emotion and empathy for your brand. So brand storytelling is extremely important in digital marketing and branding. And that’s why it requires marketers and business to foster inspiring content for brand storytelling.

As a matter of fact, brand storytelling is considered as a specific type of content marketing. And for many years, marketers have been telling their brand stories by writing and publishing online content. Yet, few of them have realized that brand storytelling is not simply about content marketing and it involves much more. Put yourself in audience’s position, would you like a tedious text based story? It seems that we all like inspiring story told in an engaging design. Therefore, you can’t just ignore the importance of design in brand storytelling.

AnyFlip would be a great solution for brand storytelling. This free digital publishing platform can turn your cooked story into a wonderful experience. On one hand, this digital publishing software allows you to create publication with page flip animation and rich media; on the other hand, it can make the story into a branding digital publication.
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How Does AnyFlip Benefit Your Brand Storytelling?

1. Custom Brand Design

You can easily make a beautiful design for the story and in the meanwhile, you can brand it with your corporate logo, custom background and loading image. Besides, you can insert a soft background sound to interact with the audience.

2. Video & Image

Rather than simply with text content, you can embed video, flash and image to tell stories of your brand. These multimedia elements are more vivid and intuitive, which will not only make your story understood clearly but also engage the audience.

3. Homepage & Subscribers & Custom Domain

AnyFlip allows you to publish your content to our Cloud platform where you can build your own homepage. And your brand stories will be read by our large number of customers who may be your subscribers. Besides, you have the option to change the domain of your online publication.

4. Social Share

If you think the audience in AnyFlip Cloud is not enough, you can enable the Share feature for the digital publication. And after the publication is published, the audience can share your brand stories with their friends on social networks.

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