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Why AnyFlip?

Digital magazines or online magazines as a widely used method for content circulation, are helping magazine authors and publishing services to reach and develop wider audiences. With its natural ability of easy access, fast distribution and digital advantages, a digital magazine can offer readers an incomparable reading experience anytime and anywhere.

It is in this condition that digital magazine publisher becomes the pop star in the field of digital publishing. Good digital magazine software does not only help you create digital magazines, but also enable you to empower the magazines with interactive features. AnyFlip may be a good choice to launch your digital magazine.

On one hand, AnyFlip can create page flip effect that simulates the experience of a real book. This 3D experience will give readers a fresh feeling that can bring out interest in reading. On the other hand, this digital magazine publisher allows users to enrich the digital magazine with interactive multimedia elements.
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Why AnyFlip Is The Best for Launching Your Digital Magazine?

1. Easy for You & Your Readers

As for you, AnyFlip digital magazine publisher is easy to operate and it does not require you to have programming skill. You can publish a page flipping magazine in 3 steps: import PDF, design based on template and publish. And even you want to add multimedia, you just need to click and select. In addition, you can select your mother language for the software interface.
And for your readers, it’s very easy to navigate through the digital magazine. The page flip magazine offers multiple ways that can interact with readers: page buttons, drag & drop, mouse wheel, thumbnails, fast flip, etc. And you can enable multiple languages for readers to switch.

2. Rich Resources

You have fantastic ideas for your digital magazine but are trapped in a dilemma of carrying them out. Look over here, AnyFlip would be your dream implementer. This digital magazine software can help you bring out your creativity with a lot of built-in resources: multiple templates, themes, backgrounds, animated scenes, plugins and image library. And the Page Editor can make your magazine more wonderful.

3. Multiple Output Types for Anyone

AnyFlip can also deliver your digital magazine in many ways. This digital magazine publisher allows you to publish the magazine in various formats for both online and offline use. You just need to select an output type to publish the magazine. And if you publish the magazine online, your readers can access the HTML5 online magazine on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Or you can publish the magazine to local and share with others via email. In addition, you can convert the magazine into plugin and install in your WordPress site, Joomla site or Drupal site.

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